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What we can offer you

At ARR Talent you are our priority. Our transparent, honest and ethical approach means we always have our candidates’ best interests at heart.

Expert knowledge

With over 30 years of experience in the financial services in advisory and senior management roles.

We have a unique industry perspective, we work with company clients to get under the bonnet and fully understand the business, the people and what attributes and attitude traits would best align with the company.

Research and interview

Our industry expertise enables us to access candidates who might not be visible through traditional recruitment channels. We also target and engage with candidates through our professional network, our extensive database as well as targeted outreach.

Interview and screening potential candidates to ensure that they meet the required standards, but we also conduct a formal profile assessment to ensure the personality fit is right for the company and for the role. You will be presented with a detailed shortlist for interview.

Job offer and staff retention

We help to manage the process between the offer and start date including the risk of a counteroffer. We provide advice and guidance to support a company’s staff retention policy.

We are so confident in our process that we provide an extended six-month phased rebate period. With other companies, this rebate period would normally range from two to three months.

Recruitment cost and pricing

At ARR Talent, we recognize the significance of recruiting a new team member, and we understand that the method of recruitment you choose can have significant financial and strategic implications. 

Our objective is to provide you with truthful and dependable information to help you make an informed decision and allocate your resources appropriately. To achieve this, we offer a pricing guide that will assist you in establishing an initial budget and developing an effective recruitment plan.

Do it yourself/in house recruiter

To do it yourself or use an in-house recruiter is by far the cheapest option. You can post an advert on LinkedIn and a job board such as Reed or Total Jobs at a modest cost and sometimes for free. 

You will need to factor in the time spent sifting through CVs and assessing applicants which at times can be quite extensive.

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Traditional Recruitment Agencies

Traditional agencies often work on a contingency search basis i.e. no placement no free. These agencies may offer you a fixed fee payable on the candidate’s start date.  The fees will vary from agency to agency but the fixed fee could be as low as £2,000 or more usually between 12% and 25% of salary. In the case of a candidate with a salary of £30,000 per annum, the cost is likely to be between £3,600 and £7,500.
There will be a rebate in place which will vary in length and amount and payable in the event the candidate leaves during the early period.  This parenting is normally between 0 and 12 weeks.

Recruitment Consultants/Executive Search

These consultants can either operate on a contingency or retained basis. The percentage fee range is likely to be higher than the traditional recruitment agencies and the starting salary is that it will be higher because they usually operate at a higher end of the market.

You are normally looking at a fee of between 20% to 30% on the salary of £50,000 this will range from £10,000 to £15,000. Similar rebates to the above will normally be in place and possibly a free replacement guarantee.

Graham - ARR Talent

Working with ARR Talent

ARR Talent Limited is executive search firm.  The consultants that work on a retained basis will still charge a percentage of salary but with AAR Talent this is likely to be between 18% and 20%.  The main difference is that with retained search one third of the fee will be paid before the commencement of the assignment with the remainder being paid once the candidate commences with the company.
It is important to understand why there is an upfront cost involved with a return search. You are working in partnership with the consultant and they are working solely for you.
We use our skills and experience to identify a list of potential candidates and assessed to meet your requirements. This search includes online research, networking, direct approach and headhunting. 

About the founder

I have worked in Professional Services for over twenty years primarily as an IFA and Head of Wealth Management, in the UK and the Middle East.

I am passionate about the industry and the opportunities and rewards it can bring, however, finding the right opportunity that aligns with your ambitions, goals and personality is not something that is easy to find. Equally, as a company, identifying, attracting and securing the right person who is the right fit, is equally as challenging. Ask me how I can help you.

Our mission

Our mission is to help financial firms to attract and secure the best talent and help finance professionals to locate great career opportunities. Organisations won’t thrive unless they have the right people in the right places, within their business.

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